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I know I have mentioned before about typical questions asked during an interview.  For instance, “What are your weaknesses or strengths”?   You can Google “typical interview questions” and for the most part they will all read the same.  But what about technical or job specific questions?  How do you prepare for that line of questioning?

For a network or telecom technician there are so many different areas of a system an interviewer can choose from.   First, you need to know as much about the position and company you can before the interview.   Is it a help desk position, will you be performing field work, what vendor specific equipment is in use, etc…  If you have been networking within the company, you may be able to find personnel that may have been interviewed in the past and willing to share some insight.  (Networking is so important!)

There are also interviews with technical recruiters that could ask just about anything during a screening process.  Recruiters have clients that they work for and hope to find the best match for their client’s openings.   You can ask what kind of positions they have openings for beforehand and try to prepare for questions from the information.

If you haven’t been asked technical questions for some time it may be time to look through those old training books to start re-familiarize yourself with correct answers to technical questions. You may also try to go to a free certification preparation test website that offers free quizzes.

Check out  free cert preparation quizzes.  If nothing else, it will get you in the right mindset to answer technical questions.

Whatever method you use will be better than going in the interview not preparing for some tough technical questions at all.

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